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Download the Bangla eBook 'Amaro Ekta Prem Kahini Ase' by Anisul Hoque

Amaro Ekta Prem Kahini Ase by Anisul Hoque “Amar Ekta Premkahini Ase” written by Anisul Hoque. He is a famous story, novel and script writer. He was active with many classes in Bangla Literature- poem, story, novel, children literature etc. He is also a sub-editor of Daily Prothom Alo. He was born in 4th March 1965 in Nilfamary, Bangladesh. His home town is Rangpur.
Once Anisul Hoque meets with a girl in Providence town in USA. This girl tells him her own love story. After hearing the story Anisul Hoque write this as a heart touching novel.
Iva is the main character of this story. When she was 23 years old, suddenly she meet with her childhood friend Shuvo. Some days later Iva falls in love with Shuvo. But when everything was ready for their wedding that time Iva discovered that Shuvo cheating with her. He has a relation with another girl! Then Iva breaks this wedding. 

Iva goes to USA for a 6 months Graphics Design course. Suddenly she found a man who exactly looks alike Shuvo! His name is Sudip, he is come from Nepal. At a time between Iva and Sudip built a good friendship relation. After some days they decided for marriage. But when Sudip is know that Iva’s love only for Shuvo! Sudip leaved Iva.

Some days later, for advice of Sudip, Iva went to Dhaka for meet again with Shuvo… …..

Book Name: Amaro Ekta Prem Kahini Ase.
Publishers name: Prothoma Prokashoni.
Number of pages: 191.
Size: 5.55 MB.

To download this Bangla eBook you need to click here: Amaro Ekta Prem Kahini Ase.

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