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Download The Bangla Ebook Darjar Opashe

Darjar Opashe by Humayun Ahmed
Humayun Ahmed’s books are very popular in Bangladesh. His most popular characters are Himu and Misir Ali. Himu’s full name is Himalay. Himu always wear yellow Panjabi and walk in the city without sandal! This Bangla book Darjar Opashe is 2nd book of Himu series. 1st book Moyurakkhi.

About The Writer Humayun Ahmed
Humayun Ahmed is most famous story and novel writer in Bangladesh; he is also a dramatist and movie maker. He was born in 13th November 1948 and died 19th July 2012.
His father Foyjur Rahman Ahmed was died in Liberation War in 1971. His younger brother’s Zafar Iqbal and Ahsan Habib are also two popular writer in Bangladesh.

About The Book’s Story
From dust I have come, dust I will be.
This line collected from the book Darjar Opashe. This books story is about Himu and a Minister Mubarak Hussain.
One day the powerful minister are suspended and goes to jail. It’s the natural system. Life is a continuas process, it’s changing always.

Book name: Dorjar Opashe.
First publish: 1992 by Gyankush Prokashoni.
Page number: 112.
Size: 943 kb.

For download this Bangla EBook click here: Darjar Opashe.

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