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Download The Bangla Poem Book Agnibina by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Agnibina by Kazi Nazrul Islam
All of us know that Kazi Nazrul Islam is the National Poet of Bangladesh. He was one of a great poet in the world. Nazrul Islam was very popular poet in Bangladesh and West Bengal. He was born in 24th May 1899 in Bordhoman, West Bengal, India and died in 29th August, 1976 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nazrul wrote a song “mosjideri pashe mure kobor dio vai”. That’s why after his death, he was buried beside the Dhaka University Mosque.

Agnibina is the first poem books of the poet Nazrul Islam. This book has 12 poems- Proloyullas, Bidrohi, Roktambor-dharini Ma, Agomoni, Dhumketu, Kamal Pasha, Anwar, Ron-veri, Shat-il Arab, Kheyaparer Toroni, Qurbani, Mohorrom.
Bidrohi is the one of best poem in this book and it is also a best poem for this poet. When first published the poem Bidrohi at that time all Indian people called the poet Bidrohi Kobi.

Book Name: Agnibina.
First published: October, 1922.
Number of pages: 31.
Size: 1.1 mb.

To download this Bangla Poem book you need to click here: Agnibina by Kazi Nazrul Islam.

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