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Download Achchedyo Bandhan by Narayan Sanyal

Achchedyo Bandhan by Narayan Sanyal
Achchedyo Bandhan is a Bangla romantic novel written by an Indian Bengali writer Narayan Sanyal. He was born in 26th April 1924 and died in 7th February 2005.

About the Story of Achchedyo Bandhan
Attraction of Man and Woman are start from the beginning of ancient time. When man and woman are created, god gives the seed of attraction in their nature and character. For that attraction they are meeting together, sometime by love, sometime by marriage with social rules. Also this attractions is sometime to be a burden for somebody’s life, man or woman are want to cut the nexus, somewhere cut that.

But if one side are do not agree to cut the nexus, when the marriage is be indissoluble, then what to do? Is that time seen disquiet, repress or killing own life!

The novel Achchedyo Bandhan is written for this present social problem, there we see in a complex situation the nexus of husband and wife is being indissoluble- threat, aggrieve and also ignore the threat of murder, in life then end of life.

After read this Bangla Novel Book reader will see that how laden present society by these problem.

Book Name: Achchedyo Bandhan.
Writer Name: Narayan Sanyal.
Publisher’s: Mitra & Ghosh Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Number of pages: 148.
File Size: 12.4 MB.

To download this Bangla PDF Book you need to click here: Achchedyo Bandhan.

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