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Download The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas in Bangla Translation

The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas
The Rape of Bangladesh
The Rape of Bangladesh is a composition about the liberation war of Bangladesh written by Anthony Mascarenhas. He was born in 10th July 1928 and died in 3rd December 1986. Like the book that I share today it is Bangla translated from original book, translated by Rabindranath Trivedi.

Anthony Mascarenhas’s book ‘The Rape of Bangladesh’, when liberation war is running in Bangladesh; it is the best essay of his journalist life. By this inestimable book he embodied history of dries and privation to the world’s conscience.
Many people will be dissident for many information of this book. But templates of that time he will bright full in all Bengali’s heart for his braveness and unvarnished report.

Published this book in October 1971 and the last line of this book he expected that- ‘Just now we are entered a dark kingdom. Last border of dismal pipeline there are start of the bright kingdom, will taken long time to reach there.’ It’s right. Only one and half month later 16th December 1971 our freedom fighters are snatched red sun of liberation after passing a sea of blood.

What happened in 1971?
What is the cause of that?
Who are liable for that?

You will get answers all of these questions after read this book. This Bangla Translated Book will give an opportunity for our new generation to remind the history of the great liberation war of Bangladesh happened in 1971. 

Book Name: The Rape of Bangladesh.
Writer Name: Anthony Mascarenhas.
Translator's Name: R. N. Trivedi.
Publisher’s Name: Popular Publishers.
Number of Pages: 160.
File Size: 7.60 MB.


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