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Download Srabon Megher Din by Humayun Ahmed

Srabon Megher Din by Humayun Ahmed
Srabon Megher Din is a Bangla Novel Book written by a popular Bangladeshi Writer Humayun Ahmed. He is a most famous story and novel writer in Bangladesh; he is also a dramatist and movie maker. He made some popular movie about the liberation war of Bangladesh. Aguner Poroshmoni, 1971, Josna o Jononir Golpo was some of them. He is a creator of some very popular character’s; Himu, Misir Ali and Shuvro.

Humayun Ahmed was born in 13th November 1948 and died in 19th July 2012 for cancer disease in New York. His father Foyjur Rahman Ahmed was died in Liberation War 1971. His younger brother’s Zafar Iqbal and Ahsan Habib are also two popular writers in Bangladesh.

Summary of the book Srabon Megher Din

In this book Humayun Ahmed tell us a story about an ex overlord’s family. Now Irtajuddin is the head person of this family. He is very alone guy. His wife died when delivered her only son. Then the boy is grows up in his uncle’s house.

Irtajuddin lives in his village. He has three grand daughter’s Shahana, Mitu and Nitu who live in Dhaka. One day Shahana and Nitu came in his village for visit. Shahana is a doctor. She gave free treatment in these village poor peoples. For that all the people love him very much. She wants to create a hospital in her grand father’s house.

Moti Miah is a village singer. He is very poor man. But he tried to organize a village concert for Shahana. One day he does that and Shahana is very impressed for that. Kusum love Moti but she could not say it. At last when organize her marries with another boy, she try to suicide!  

Book Name: Srabon Megher Din.
Writer Name: Humayun Ahmed.
Publisher’s: Somoy Prakashan; first published in 30th November 1994.
Number of pages: 157.
File Size: 8.87 MB.

To download this Bangla PDF Book you need to click here: Srabon Megher Din.

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