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Download Amar Ekta Dukkho Ase by Anisul Hoque

Amar Ekta Dukkho Ase by Anisul Hoque
It’s an awesome story. I think Anisul Hoque is only can write this type of story! Story of this Bangla Book Amar Ekta Dukkho Ase (I have a sorrow) is about a Golper Feriwala (Salesman of Stories). It was the city of uproar. The feriwala sell his stories by walking on the path of the city. He make many type of stories; story of love, story of sorrow, story of laugh, story of cry etc.

By continuing his job one day the golpowala (creator of stories) became a very popular man in the city. Everyone wants to buy his story. Many people are waiting for him, when he will come and they can buy a story.

Many Television channels requesting to the golpowala for make their drama stories. Milk companies are also wants to buy his stories! They mixed the stories with their milk tank!! Then all the people of the city buy their milk and when they drink the milk they are feel the flavour of the story.

The Golpowala was passing his life in the same way. He can’t live without creating stories. But he didn’t want to do the same work everyday. It was his sorrow…

About the Writer Anisul Hoque
Anisul Hoque is a very famous Bangladeshi Writer. He is also a sub-editor of popular Bangla newspaper Daily Prothom Alo. He received several awards, including the Bangla Academy Award. He was born in 4th March 1965 in Nilfamary, Bangladesh. His home town is Rangpur. He studied at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka.

Nandini, Amaro Ekta Premkahini Ase and Bikkhobher Dingulite Prem are 3 popular books written by Anisul Hoque.

Book Name: Amar Ekta Dukkho Ase.
Writer Name: Anisul Hoque.
Number of pages: 102.
File Size: 5.27 MB.

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