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Download the Horror Story Abomanob by Rumana Baisakhi

Abomanob by Rumana Baisakhi
Abomanob is a Bangla Horror Story Book written by Rumana Baisakhi.

Summary of the Bangla Novel Book Obomanob
This is the story of one of the world’s most famous actress, she was affected a complex mental disorder, whose claim that she was born in between the Tigris-Euphrates river basin, an ancient city, in 2200 BC at a time.

This story is also about a labour Asgar Ali. He is a common worker by profession, but in his body has the signs of centuries-old whale hunter’s life.

These two people are live in the two side of the world, it’s a strange match! But where they match?

In a village of Bangladesh a handsome man Sobuj escalating alone, his blue eyes and white skin say that he is not born in this soil. There also has a young girl. She was living a terrified life because the gradual changes of her own mind and body.

About the writer Rumana Baisakhi
Many people said that she has crossed her age by her writing. She is Rumana Baisakhi, Born in Dhaka, 12th May 1985.

She completed her Honour’s in Chemistry from Eden College and involved with writing for a long time. She is working at monthly literary magazine Alo o Saya as a sub-editor. She is writing mystery, romance, melodrama, horror, science fiction and almost all branches of literature.

Book Name: Abomanob.
Writer Name: Rumana Baisakhi.
First published in February 2013.
Number of pages: 111.
File Size: 7.29 MB.

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