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Download Bangalir Hasir Golpo-2 by Jasim Uddin

Bangalir Hasir Golpo-2 by Jasim Uddin
Bangalir Hasir Golpo-2 is edited and written by Pollikobi Jasim Uddin. He is a great poet of Bangladesh. Most of poem written by him is village related that’s why people call him Pollikobi (Poet for village). Nakshi Kathar Math and Sujon Badiyar Ghat is most popular book written by him.

Jasim Uddin was born in January 1, 1903, Faridpur District and died in March 13, 1976, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was studied at University of Calcutta.

This Bangla Book is actually a collection of 24 short stories which was spoken by Bengali village people many years. Poet Jasim Uddin was collected these stories and re-writes his own way. It’s a great work. If he didn’t collect these stories, after some year these will be vanish!

Here is the list of stories in this book:
1. At Kola
2. Boka Sathi (Fool Friend)
3. Henten
4. Tiptipani
5. Onussar Bisorgo
6. Nobab Saheber Durgapuja Darshan
7. Ekta Kothay Eto
8. Chaitra Maser Mosla Poush Mase
9. Sheyaler Patsala (Fox’s School)
10. Amadertai To Poth Dekhailo
11. Naker Bodole Norun Pailam
12. Tumi Keno Ghosho Ami Taha Jani
13. Panta Buri
14. Puta Loia Jaw
15. Ke Age Shule Jaibe
16. Rahimuddir Bhair Beta
17.Ke Bagh Marilo (Who Killed the Tiger)
18. Dui Gadha (Two-ass)
19. Kun Deshe Boka Nai
20. Jolar Buddhi
21. Ghughu Dekheso, Fad Dekhoni
22. Kisumisu
23. Proharen Dhononjoy
24. Sheyalsa Pirer Dorga

After read this book you will remember that your childhood life, when you heard this stories from your grand-mother, grand-father or aunts. Of course you will like this because this is a great collection of our favourite poet Pollikobi Jasim Uddin.

Book Name: Bangalir Hasir Golpo-2
First Publishing: Polash Prokashoni, 1964.
Number of pages: 110.
Size: 3.37 MB.

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