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Download the Bangla eBook Deyal by Humayun Ahmed

Deyal by Humayun Ahmed, Bangla eBook
Deyal is a Bangla Novel Book about the Liberation War of Bangladesh, written by a very famous writer Humayun Ahmed. 1971 is a year of terrorism! The terror country Pakistan made the worst torture in the history of the world. They killed our 3 millions innocent Bangladeshi people without any judgment! The Pakistani Army raped our 2-lakh women!!

Deyal is the last novel of four decades colorful writers’ life of Humayun Ahmed. He started to write Deyal in the middle time of the year of 2011. This time the five part of this novel published continuously in ‘Annodin’. After a long break in the United States during his cancer treatment, he concentrated on writing the novel Deyal again.

The basic idea of the book Deyal was that it was a newly independent nation’s extreme grief. Some characters and events of the novel are collected from real life, as the author writes novel, so there has some fictional character. The story also revolved around them.

There are many events running continuously but not hide to discovering the beauty and truth of life. The truth of history and thinking of writer together make the story a heart touching novel.

Abut the author
The legendary writer Humayun Ahmed was born in 13th November 1948 and died in 19th July 2012 in New York for cancer disease. Humayun Ahmed comes in the literature world by his first novel Nondito Noroke after the liberation war of Bangladesh. Most of his novels are written about life in the city. However, the pictures of rural life, the novelist writes with great love. Ochinpur, Fera, Modhyanyo are the bright example of that. Liberation war repeatedly reflected in his writings. His two brothers Zafar Iqbal and Ahsan Habib are also two very popular writers in the country.

Book Name: Deyal.
Writer Name: Humayun Ahmed.
Publishers: Anya Prokash.
Number of Pages: 195, File Size: 5.15 MB.

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