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Download Science Fiction Higgs Proloy by Asif Mehdi

Higgs Proloy by Asif Mehdi
Higgs Proloy is a Bangla Science Fiction Book written by Asif Mehdi.

About the Science Fiction Higgs Proloy

Scientist Didar made a new type of animation movie with Para Natural Intelligence. Premier Show of this movie is running on Star Cineplex. ‘The One Stop Quarrel’ is the name of this movie. Suddenly the characters of this movie Scientist Tuti and Futi and their son Dido and daughter Buli are came out from the screen!

Turjo is a neighbor of Scientist Didar. When the premier show is running Turjo is here and the scientist Tuti meet with him. The scientist Futi was arrested by Police and their child’s are missing. Police are waiting outside of Basundhara City; in this risky position Scientist Tuti go to his world with Turjo by his antilightomagneticooler machine.

Turjo is very surprised to see our anti-world! After that Turjo and Tuti together tried to retrieve Futi and their child’s. At first they meet to scientist Didar in a cabin of ICU at Square Hospital and then they meet with Dido and Buli in a Police Station. Then all of them go to scientist Didar’s home for an important meeting: how to retrieve scientist Futi and stop the Higgs Disaster. Tuti and Didar search the place where was Futi? The place is Tonga Islands! All of them go there. After passing many dangerous incidents at last they were free.

About the writter

Asif Mehdi was born in 21st September 1985. Now he is working in a top-level mobile service provider company. He is involved with writing from his childhood life. From many years he is working on two popular Fun Magazine Unmad and Ros+Alo. His first book Betal Ramya gives him big popularity.

Book Name: Science Fiction Higgs Proloy.
Writer Name: Asif Mehdi.
Number of Pages: 59.
File Size: 386 KB.

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