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Download the Thriller Book Karachi by Mohammad Nazim Uddin

Karachi by Mohammad Nazim Uddin

Karachi is a Bangla Thriller Novel Book written by a popular Bangladeshi translator and writer Mohammad Nazim Uddin.

About the Bangla Novel Book Karachi
To settle an incident of three decades ago by the professional killer Bastard, so he had to travel about twelve hundred miles, had to go one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Karachi. First, he thinks this is a simple mission but the unfamiliar city Karachi surprised him repeatedly. He faced many unexpected events. He think of a time this target is not only difficult is uncertain. Confident Bastard, do not give up his mission. But before the moment of final strike he understands that he is in the midst of a world brawl event!

Karachi is the latest book of Bastard Series. It is an awesome story for thriller book lovers. So read and enjoy. Contract is another book of Bastard Series. If you are a fan of Nazim Uddin, you should read it also.

About the writer Mohammad Nazim Uddin
Mohammad Nazim Uddin is born in Dhaka. He studied in Fine Arts Institute in Dhaka University only one year, after that he completed his Masters Course from Department of Mass Communication and Journalism in Dhaka University.

He translated many world class popular thriller books and then he published his own five books. This books gained big popularity. Jaal is one of them. From this inspiration now he was writing some basic thrillers.

Book Name: Karachi.
Writer Name: Mohammad Nazim Uddin.
First Publishing: Batighor Prokashoni, February Book Fair 2015.
Number of pages: 318.
Size: 11.7 MB.


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