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Download Voot Bondhu by Sumanto Aslam

Voot Bondhu by Sumanto Aslam
Voot Bondhu is a Bangla Short Story Book written by Sumanto Aslam. Total 8 stories are included in this book. Some of them are horror story and some of them are funny story. The name of this book is given from the first story Voot Bondhu.

Voot Bondhu (Ghost Friend)
Gorge has a strange friend- Ghost Friend. Gorge lost his one leg by an accident. The ghost friend helps him very. Sometime the ghost talks with him. One day this sweet friend leaves him. Why?

Fakibaj (Remiss)
There are many naughty boys in this world. But has anyone naughty like Ifti and Richi? They are too much naughty, for those there teachers leave them! What a terrible thing! The last line of this story is very funny. :)

Majhraate Atonko (Panic in Mid-night)
Rudro was sleeping alone in a room. Suddenly his sleep breaks in mid night. Someone is standing out sides of his door. Rudro asked- who are? Do not reply anyone. It is very terrible night for him.

Sumormeer Shasti (Punishment of Sumormee)
Sumormee is a very good girl. But one day her father takes a decision to punish her. He gives her a strange and different punishment. Is it actually a punishment or not?

Voyonkor Jonmoraat (Terrible Birth Night)
All peoples celebrate there birth day. But Gorge was born in night, so his friends are celebrated his birth night! What a way of celebrating!! The night is a terrible birth night for Gorge.

Kathal Chur (Jackfruit Thief)
From the school’s jackfruits tree all jackfruit are stolen. But anyone can’t found who the thief is? At last the Head Teacher of school called class eights student Gorge. He discovered the thief very smoothly. How?

Another two stories of this book Jadur Idur (Magic Rats) and Dushtu Selegulor Aj Mon Kharap (Naughty Boys Upset Today) are also very interesting. So read and enjoy. J

About the writer
Sumanto Aslam is a Bangladeshi writer and journalist. He is born in 1st December 1971 in Sirajganj. His most popular writing is Baundule. When he is working on a fun magazine Alpin, he wrote an article per week under the banner of Baundule. Now he is working as a sectional editor on fun magazine Pachal.

Book Name: Voot Bondhu.
Writer Name: Sumanto Aslam.
Publisher’s: Anupam Prokashoni.
Cover Design: Suhorsho Soummo.
Number of Pages: 65, File Size: 2.02 MB.

Courtesy: Bangla PDF .Net

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