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Download The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon in Bangla Translation

The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon in Bangla Translation
The Other Side of Midnight is a thriller novel written by American writer Sidney Sheldon. The book translated in Bangla language by Anish Das Apu.

Novelist Irving Wallace said about the book:
A wonderful beautiful French actress, whose passion and desire for revenge took her a millionaire bedroom dominant from the slums of Paris. A dynamic Greek tycoon, who never forgets his insult, does not forgive his enemies. A handsome war hero, every women became love sick when see him! An innocent young girl, whose dream of love transformed nightmares night.

With Paris and Washington, Hollywood and Greek islands the story plot is surprise and dynamic. There are so in love, conspiracy and corruption, the punishment exceeded the crime.
It is a glamorous, memorable and breathtaking novel.

Translator Anish Das Apu said about this book:
The Other Side of Midnight is the most popular and bubbling novel by Sidney Sheldon. For need the story inevitable come sex and because of that I did not sensor anywhere. So read the book forbids for minors.

Book Name: The Other Side of Midnight.
Writer Name: Sidney Sheldon.
Translator: Anish Das Apu.
Cover Design: Dhruvo Esh.
Publishers: Anindya Prokash.
Number of Pages: 333.
File Size: 10.70 MB.


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