Friday, 5 February 2016

Download Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Tutorial PDF Book in Bangla

Adobe Illustrator Bangla Tutorial
Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Tutorial in Bangla is created by Kamrul Hassan Bappy. The tutorial collected from IT-Bari website. It does will help you very much to learn Illustrator. This application is very important for computer users who use Photoshop.

Let know what elements are have in this Tutorial Book.

ü What is Illustrator?

ü How to Illustrator is use in the work place?

ü To run the Illustrator.

ü Introducing the Illustrator 9.0 window: Title Bar, Menu Bar, Scroll Bar, Scratch Area, Tool Box, Name of Active Window, Zoom Indicator, Print Area, Page Border, Palette, Status Bar and Ruler.

ü Introducing the Toolbox: Tools-Selection, Direct Selection, Lasso, Direct Selection Lasso, Pen, Type, Ellipse, Rectangle, Paint Brush, Pencil, Rotate, Scale, Reflect, Free Transform, Blend, Column Graph, Gradient Mash, Gradient, Eyedropper, Scissors, Hand and Zoom Tool. Buttons-Fill Button/Box, Stroke Button/Box, Default Fill & Stroke, Swap Fill and Stroke, Color, Gradient, None, Standard Screen Mode and Full Screen Mode Button.

ü Palette.

ü Summary on Pull Down Menu: File, Edit, Object, Type, Filter, Effect, View and Window Menu.

Book Name : Adobe Illustrator 9.0 Tutorial in Bangla.
Creator Name        : Kamrul Hassan Bappy.
Page Number         : 32.
File Size                 : 655 KB.

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