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Download Brida by Paulo Coelho Translated by Prince Ashraf

Brida by Paulo Coelho
Brida is a Bangla Translated Book written by popular Brazillian writer Paulo Coelho and translated by Prince Ashraf.

Summary of the Novel: Brida
Brida is a story of an Irish woman’s acquiring knowledge. Brida has different attraction to the various aspects of the occult for a long time. But she wants something different then the occult. Incidentally, Brida meet to a wise wizard Megas. The Wise Wizard lives in a Jungle. He gives to Brida the ideas of spiritual worlds.

This time Brida involved deeper mysteries of life, she want to find answers to this question; who I am?

Author Paulo Coelho
Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is one of the popular writers in present world. In the whole world his books sold more than 100 million copies. His books translated in 66 languages and published in almost 150 countries. He gets uncounted international honourable prizes- World Economic Forum’s Cristal Award, Legion the Honour- France, Brazilian Academy of Letter Award etc.

Translator Prince Ashraf
Prince Ashraf was born in 4th February, Borodol, Satkkhira. His father’s name Dr. Safed Ali Sana and mother’s name Sahara Banu. His is a Doctor by profession but he was more interested in writing.

Book Name: Brida.
Writer Name: Paulo Coelho.
Translator Name: Prince Ashraf.
Number of Pages: 190.
File Size: 9.24 MB.


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