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Download The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking

The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking
The Theory of Everything – the origin and fate of the universe is an English Science Book written by a brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen W. Hawking. He is one of the world’s greatest minds. His work helped to reconfigure models of the universe and to redefine what’s in it. Imagine sitting in a room listening to Hawking discuss this achievements and place them in historical context. It would be like hearing Christopher Columbus on the new world.

Hawking presents a series of seven lectures-covering everything from the big bang to black holes to string theory-that capture not only the brilliance of Hawking’s mind but his characteristic wit as well. Of his research on black holes, which absorbed him for more than a decade, he says, “It might seem a bit like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar.”

Contents of the Book

First Lecture: Ideas about the Universe

In this lecture Hawking briefly reviewed the past ideas about the universe and how we got to our present picture. One might call this the history of the history of the universe.

Second Lecture: The Expanding Universe

In this lecture Hawking described how both of Newton and Einstein’s theories of gravity led to the conclusion that the universe could not be static, it had to be either expanding or contracting. This, in turn, implied that there must have been a time between ten and twenty billion years ago when the density of the universe was infinite. This is called the big bang. It would have been the beginning of the universe.

Third Lecture: Black Holes

In the third lecture he told about black holes. These are formed when a massive star or an even larger body collapses in on itself under its own gravitational pull. According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, anyone foolish enough to fall into a black hole will be lost forever. They will not able to come out the black hole again. Instead, history, as far as they are concerned, will come to a sticky and at a singularity. However, general relativity is a classical theory-that is, it doesn’t take into account the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.

Fourth Lecture: Black Holes Aren’t So Black

In this lecture Hawking was described how quantum mechanics allows leaking out of black holes. Black holes aren’t black as they are painted.

Fifth Lecture: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

In this lecture he was apply quantum mechanical ideas to the big bang and the origin of the universe. This leads to the idea that space-time may be finite in extent but without boundary or edge. It would be like the surface of the Earth but with two more dimensions.

Sixth Lecture: The Direction of Time

In this lecture he shows how this new boundary proposal could explain why the past is so different from the future, even though the laws of physics are time symmetric.

Seventh Lecture: The Theory of Everything
Finally in the seventh lecture Stephen Hawking was described how we are trying to find a unified theory that will include quantum mechanics, gravity and all the other interactions of physics. If we achieve this, we shall really understand the universe and our position in it.

Book Name: The Theory of Everything – The Origin and Fate of the Universe.
Writer Name: Stephen W. Hawking.
Language: English.
Number of Pages: 148.
File Size: 1.20 MB.

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