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A List of Birthday and Death day of Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali Writers and Poets

Dear visitors, today I will share with you a list of popular Bangladeshi and West Bengal writers and poets name and their birth and death day. So when you need, you can collect the information from this page.

If you click on the writers or poets name you will get their book list and you can download their books from the list.

All writer and poet names has been sorted in the table alphabetically:

Writer and Poet Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death

4th March 1965
Ashapurna Debi
8th January
21st September 1985
12th September 1894
1st November 1950
Buddhadeb Guha
29th June 1936

19th November 1918
8th May 1993

Helal Hafiz

7th October 1948
13th November 1948
19th July 2012
Imdadul Haq Milon
8th September 1955
19th August 1935
30th October 1903
13th March 1976
25th May 1899
29th August 1976
Manik Bandopadhyay
19th May 1908
3rd December 1956
23rd December
7th May 1861
7th August 1941
Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay
2nd November 1935
10th March 1942
Sukanto Bhattacharya
15th August 1926
13th May 1947
Sukumar Ray
30th October 1887

Sumanto Aslam

1st December 1971
7th September 1938
23rd October 2012

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